Dine-ins were never an option for these F&B brands. How has the pandemic affected them?

With dine-ins disallowed during lockdowns, many restaurants have had to pivot online and offer their products through deliveries and takeaways. But there is a category of F&B brands that have solely made their bread and butter through deliveries from the beginning—the ones operating from a cloud kitchen, with no brick-and-mortar store for dine-ins. Like most…(Continue Reading)

Coworking hotels in M’sia aren’t their end goal, it’s selling the SaaS tech that runs them

It’s only recently that we’ve noticed the launches of new coworking spaces across Klang Valley slow down. Considering the pandemic and travel restrictions, it makes sense. If you’re already familiar with coworking spaces, you’re probably also no stranger to coliving spaces (which may or may not have their own coworking spaces too). These can be…(Continue Reading)